POSTED August 5 2011

President Chase of The Dalmatian Organization of North Amercia 
called GUARDIAN DALMATIANS in early May 2011 to discuss 
our litters of  NUA Dalmatian puppies. 

All of these GUARDIAN pups are N-hua 
Dominant for the NORMAL Canine Gene yet
(CARRIERS of the recessive mutation). 

I had acquired 2 homozygotes CLEAR (NN) of the hyperuricosuria mutation. 
These 2 are genetically PURE for normal canine urinary uric acid production.
100% of The AKC Dalmatian population are the diseased mutants of this normal canine gene (as of this writing, July 2011). 

Our 2 UKC - NUA (normal uric acid levels) Dalmatians were mated with our GUARDIAN “AKC” mutant abnormal canine levels of uric acid DALMATIANS. 

We are proud to co-registered our GUARDIAN AKC DALMATIANS in The UKC and produce these litters in which every individual puppy received one copy of the “normal” SLC2A9 gene for canine urinary uric acid. 
The UKC is the Canine Registry of choice as they LEAD in Dalmatian Canine Health.
This normal canine gene is dominant over the mutant copy found in The AKC Dalmatian (at this writing). 
So, all 28 of our Spring-2011  GUARDIAN Dalmatian puppies are dominat for the normal gene and CARRIERS of the mutation.

Bless her heart. 
President Chase shared that she had received many phone conversation/complaints from Dal enthusiasts, some “geneticists” saying they did not believe GUARDIAN Dalmatians had 2 NN or CLEAR Dalmatians. Tests done at UC Davis, California.
Oh my. 
Well, no one other than President Carol has contacted me for a copy of dna testing performed on our 2 Breeding Dalmatians, homozygous for the CLEAR allele, “clear” from hyperuricosuria. 

It is truly a sad comment that these gutless, verbose cowardly complainers had to bend the ear of The DNA President. 
These people should have called me. President Carol did!

Dennis Trout

Ps – Carol spoke with both Karen and I on that "family time" Sunday afternoon. Our Son and his Family were visiting. And we do not believe any degreed or professional Geneticist made such a statement.