We acquired (April 2008) the then, "only" living NUA Dalmatian  homozygous dominate with SLC2A9 - dominate for normal canine urinary uric acid! She has two copies of the gene!
She has NO copies of the Hyperuricosuria MUTATION of SLC2A9.

In July 2009 we acquired the only living NUA Dalmatian male homozygous dominate for hypouricosia - SLC2A9 in his dna. He has two copies of the gene! He has NO copies of the MUTATION.

These two NUA Dalmatians DO NOT have the gene for producing high urinary uric acid concentrations necessary to percipitate CLICK here to see percipitate in Dal urine) and form urate stones. Read HERE about hyperuricosuria disease.

.A sincere and heart felt appreciation of gratitude is given to Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schaible of Stocklore Dalmatians! He is the founder of the Dalmatian Backcross Project, and the Geneticist who harvested the normal or low urinary uric acid gene into Dalmatians (1973). We are inspired to upgrade our Dalmatians with the introduction of this gene to our breeding efforts. THANK YOU Dr. Bob!
Dr. Schaible has devoted a lifetime of scientific and animal breeding expertise to making the Dalmatian of the World a healthier canine.
It is truly unfortunate
The AKC Dalmatian Registry is not active with this gene. This had been controlled by the Dalmatian Club of America since the 1981 AKC Registration of STOCKLORE STIPPLES NS601000. The Dalmatian Club of America will not permit the descendants of NUA Dalmatian Stipples to be registered with the AKC Canine Registry.
The SLC249 NUA gene breeding effort is now with the Dalmatian Organization of North America and the United Kennel Club Canine Registry.
The hands-on experience/knowledge of canine breeding and husbandry practices far out weigh academic interpretation resistance. We need more serious Breeders.
Does the absence of the hyperuricosuria mutation permit cancer in Dalmatians?
Does the AKC truly challenge the Dalmatian Club of America to aspire to a healthier Breed?
Does the Canine Health Foundation of The AKC provide Leadership to cause AKC Breeds to be healthier? (specifically, it's current Dalmatian Parent Club)
Did you know that 2010 is the first year The DCA has joined the AKC Canine Health Foundation? (I'm told this by The DCA President.)
Are we doing all that can be done?

We at GUARDIAN DALMATIANS answer all of the above questions with a "no"..

As of this writing - The UKC is the second largest and the second oldest Canine Registry in the United States of America. It is the Registry of choice for the non urate stone forming Dalmatian of the future!
The SLC2A9 gene for normal canine urinary uric acid is a simple dominate gene.

The inheritance mode is most similar to black spotting. Once you have this gene present in your breeding line - YOU HAVE IT!

You will do a simple swab test to know you have it.

This knowledge will become part of your selection process for future generations.

You can stay focused on your personal breeding goals for your Dalmatian Line with the inclusion of this gene. .
Guardian UU By Stocklore
"YOU WHO" - at 18 months .
Guardian Board Chairman
U.K.C. Reg. No. P613-977.
GUARDIAN Normal Urinary Uric Acid Dalmatians
SLC2A9 Gene = (Scientific Explanation)
Below are GUARDIAN's descendants of the infamous
AKC Conformation Ptd
Stud Book Opened and AKC Registered 1981
PICTURES- candid 9 mos
U.K.C. Reg. No. P564-737
The AKC will not Register her!.
Duncun has 14 generations of AKC Dalmatians between him and the Champion AKC Pointer who gave the Dalmatian Breed this valuable gene!
See a Graphs Reviewing AKC Registration Data
The AKC will not Register him!.